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Zeal Telecom is an aggregator of mobile solutions that provides IT services and network based solutions for telecom operators and governments.

The company's business model is to generate additional revenues or control revenues against a revenue share on the upside.



Zeal Telecom benefits from a strong commercial network in the Middle East and Africa region and a solid portfolio of vendor relations where it can aggregate and integrate selective portfolios of services as a one-stop-shop.



The main clients of Zeal include top tier technical vendors offering bundled services for mobile operators, telecom regulators and governments in the region. 


   The portfolio of services currently consists of two main verticals: 

IT and Network Based Solutions

VAS Aggregation Services

IT and network based solutions


With different technologies emerging rapidly, the disruption in traditional revenues and the creation of new revenues especially with the advent of 5G and IoT, flexibility is now a requirement when building networks. 

Zeal Telecom brings such agility through innovative solution offerings including design, deployment and support for networks and services.

Zeal Telecom aggregates and integrates the latest trends on the market, and customizes the offering to suit each client with a cost optimization mindset. 

VAS Aggregation Services


Zeal Telecom partners with leading regional VAS vendors to aggregate customized offerings for clients based on value creation and revenue share.

Our Value Added Services offering include a wide array of products ranging from simple mobiles services to the most complex solutions. 

The comprehensive portfolio of VAS product line we cover provides operators with all the tools to optimize their offerings. Government solutions provide telecom regulators with a solid infrastructure to standardize the mobile market and increase the government income. 

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